Alexandra (Ali) Militano is an emerging artist based in New York City.  Ali was a dual major at Virginia Tech earning both Bachelor of Architecture & Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Since graduating, Ali has been working in construction management, while also pursuing the art world in the Big Apple.



"Every little aspect of my life seems to find its way into my art—the result of a curiosity of many things paired with a constant desire to learn.  I am a traveler, collector, observer and creator.  I leave nothing behind that I have seen or experienced, except maybe just a little piece of myself—scattering myself everywhere I go.

My curiosity and fascination is tangible in my work, through various facets of design and media. Drawing, painting, architecture, photography, screen printing, knitting—anything I can get my hands on to express myself—become artistic media to tell a story. I view life as a series of collections—of physical and reminiscent things.  Photographs, memories, experiences, receipts, tickets, flyers, souvenirs, charms…the list goes on and on.  My world, reflected through my art, is an arrayed montage—in essence, my mind's collection. " --Ali


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